3 Important Things When Designing Baby Room

Important Things When Designing Baby Room. Although not the first choice, no doubt many couples who enter the nursery in their preparation list when the baby is born.

The reason is varied, one that can organize and store all the babies with more presentable.

Room was sometimes designed with more special than private rooms.

However, besides the aesthetic aspect of the interior of the rooms, there are some things that should not be passed to the baby’s room in the house. Anything? Here it is the things that must be considered.

3 Important Things When Designing Baby Room


Where the nursery will be positioned? There still space that could be used or converted? It certainly should be a major consideration before designing a new space.

Moreover, it would be much easier for when the baby’s room adjacent to your room.

Needless to wide, just make sure the room has good air circulation, so that there is a change the weather and sunlight can enter.

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In addition, make sure the room also had a nice lighting.

The main lights to illuminate the activity and dim lights to provide light when the baby sleeps.


Prioritizing security in each of the choices made.

Whether it is in the choice of paint, furniture, toys, clothing materials or the little guy.

Note also the location of all the furniture, lamps, and the toy to be easily accessible and not harmful.

This time your baby may have not done a lot of activity, but think about growth later.

Therefore, the design and layout of all the objects in the room in a safe position.


Not a lot of stuff to put in the baby’s room, except the sleeping bed, changing table clothes, wardrobe, sofa or chair for nursing mothers, as well as a place to store toys.

In order to survive longer, select the beds and furniture are adjustable.

Use also a closet with a neutral color so it does not matter if used for a long period of time. Also, make sure the toy or furniture is easy to clean.

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Ornament used was not permanent because children need will continue to grow and undergo many changes.

For a while, it can be ornamental room with wallpaper, walls ticker, or simply decorative one wall.

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