5 Common Mistakes When Arrange Unit Apartment

5 Common Mistakes When Arrange Unit Apartment. Confused arranging apartments are still empty? common mistakes that often occur when arranging the apartment following may be a guide for you who want to decorate your new apartment units!

Decorate a dwelling is very pleasant.

Here, you can channel the creativity in arranging the room according to your tastes.

Starting from the planning stage, to buy up to adjust the layout.

But keep in mind that the arrangement that excessive will make your dwelling look crowded and cluttered.

For example, put a lot of furniture in a small space or blends two colors simultaneously bold and much more.

5 Common Mistakes When Arrange Unit Apartment

Here are common errors that often occur when arranging the room, especially on the narrow spaces are common in apartment units.

Too much furniture

The uniqueness of the forms of chairs, table or side tables sometimes make you tempted to continue to buy it.

Though there is insufficient space to accommodate the furniture, so the room would look fuller and hinder your movement in the house.

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Make a list of any furniture needs that need to be purchased.

For a small family room, usually requires only a two seated sofa, armchair (armchair or a single chair) and a coffee table.

If necessary, you can add the ottoman for extra seat that doubles as storage on the part of the holder.

Size of the furniture does not fit

Any buying furniture without considering the wide room there.

As a result, so it feels cramped rooms and other space-consuming that should be enabled for other things.

Conversely, if you are quite spacious apartment unit, select a series of sofa big enough to balance the spacious room.


Blending two or more colors in the room did become a trick so the room does not look monotonous.

But if the color combination chosen is of bright colors (bold) and patterned, then the room will look crowded and uncomfortable.

Use a bright or patterned color as an accent on one wall.

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Too many accessories

One habit that can not be avoided is a home accessories shop.

But too many accessories such as sculpture, painting or other displays will make the room look cluttered.

You can assemble a variety of frame sizes photos on the wall, put a tiny sculpture (mini sculpture) on the shelf shelves shower, or put a vase on the coffee table in the short to beautify the room.

Remember, excessive accessory that actually makes the room look crowded.

Application of the color

Apply one color in the room will make the room look boring.

Example brown color is applied starting from finishing the walls, floors, sofa upholstery to other decorative elements.

So, do not hesitate to play the color, for example by setting the tone gradation of the same color on the various elements or use a bright color as a focal point, such as the sofa upholstery.

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