Visual Display “Abyss Dining Table” very attractive

Abyss Dining Table. When you are staring into a hole, the hole was staring into you – Friedrich Nietzsche.

These words seem appropriate to describe the visual appearance of the table on this one.

Table design has the look like the sea with a hole deeper and deeper. Given the name Abyss Dining Table, this table designed by Christopher Duffy London Duffy’s brand.

Abyss Dining Table

The designer himself explained, when he saw the surface of the glass at the factory, he realized that the material is darkened as added several layers, the same thing happens when sea deepened.

Christopher wants to present the effects of the sea on a body.

Like the unseen forces that had lifted a precise rectangle of the bottom of the earth to be used as personal ornaments, he said.

Depth becomes important in view of this table.

Own design team took one year to develop a table, experimenting with carved glass, Plexiglas and wood, making 3-D geological map, until they invent something that suits the imagination of Christopher.

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The table is also equipped with lights in them so that the impression of depth of the water can be easily captured.

While the material, this table is made of high quality wood from the Forest Stewardship Council. Abyss Dining Table made handmade and limited to only as many as 25 pieces.

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