Accuracy building carport in limited areas

Accuracy building carport in limited areas. Soaring land prices are currently making people think twice to provide a special space for vehicle parking (garage). In this case, the garage was being replaced by a carport.

Besides functioning to protect vehicles, carport can also enhance the look of the building’s facade. Therefore, the accuracy required when building it.

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Calculate the area meets the needs

Carport wide needs for all types of cars actually almost the same ie a minimum of 3 m. However, if you intend to put vehicles in addition to cars, such as motorcycle or bicycle, you must add the width of about 80 cm to 100 cm.

As for the length, it takes a carport with a 5 m long to be able to park the car kind of low and medium. However, if your home page length is less than 4 m, carport You can simply load any type of car city car.

The next technical requirements that you need to consider is pail or the height of the carport. Preferably, carport with a pail-shaped sloping higher on the page than the pail.

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However, do not be too skewed because it will affect the braking system when the car is parked. High ideally ranging between 10 cm to 15 cm is enough.

Carport canopy

Many choices that we can make material for carport canopy structure. Such as stainless steel, wrought iron, hollow steel, galvanized steel, wood, concrete or a combination of various materials.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood, for example, visually zoom is more interesting, but age is not too long because the risk of rot and termites attacked. Stainless steel material is more robust and durable but cost significantly more than with other materials.

For carport canopy cover material, should select material that is not transparent, but also not too massive in order to avoid the impression of a “full” on the home page. The material most often used is another polikarbonat. Material that you can select is fiberglass, mica or asbestos.

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If you are interested in using polycarbonate, peruse the selection. For all polycarbonate, usually looks the same when the new use. In fact, polycarbonate has the durability (lifespan) are different. Choose polycarbonate warranty.

Carport Floor Materials

To select the carport floor material, choose material that is strong enough to support the weight of the car. As for the cover material, there are several choices of materials such as paving block, grass block, con block, natural stone, cast concrete, ceramics or coral brush. Use a material that is easy to clean without the need for special care.

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