Adjusting Floor with Character of each Rooms

Adjusting Floor with Character of each Rooms. Compared to other parts of the house, the floor of our house is the area most easily soiled. Whenever floors trodden by dusty shoes and get the brunt of the objects in it.

If you do not want to get bored quickly with the atmosphere of the house, there is no harm in providing a different floor for some rooms. However,  prior to that determination, first make sure your needs.

Adjusting Floor with Character of each Rooms

Marble for the living room

The living room or family room is usually the room most accommodating goods. As a result, this room requires a strong floor to support the load that was on it.

Ceramic or porcelain floors are cheaper to maintain and durable, but the floor is easily scratched and dirty. so it would be better if you use the floor of natural rock such as marble for your floors.

The tile floors to the terrace

The terrace and living room in front tends to be the area most often exposed to dust and thus require flooring that is easy to clean. For that, use tile floors in part of this room.

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If you want more artistic, use patterned ceramic floor or have a certain pattern for your living room. Patterned tile floors also enhance your creativity when they see it than if you just look plain floors every day.

The tile floors were rather thick and rough to the dining room

Floor dining room and kitchen into areas most often exposed foodstuffs fell. Consequently floor became slippery or dirty fast.

If you use a porcelain or ceramic flooring usual, the floor is exposed to water or food that is spilled will be very slippery and endanger anyone who stepped on it.

Using a slightly textured tile floors will keep your feet still attached when stepped on.

Wooden floors for rooms

When you wake in the morning, it will be more fun if you set foot on the floor warm. Thus, it would be better if the floor using wooden floor.

The wood floors are also recommended for children’s rooms, but because their habits are often spill the goods or running around, better use a parquet floor or floor lined with carpet.

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Ceramic flooring for your work at home

If you are using a work desk and chair with wheels, you should select the tile floor as the base work-space. This floor can still accept the burden of the wheel, while the wooden floor, load wheels will make it scratched.

Wood floors for your busy

If you barely have time to often be at home, wood floors become the primary choice. This floor is very easy to clean, you simply sweep and no matter if rarely mopped.

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