Anticipation drains in the house so as not broken

Anticipation drains in the house so as not broken. Increased home means to change the map of the distribution of water supply and wastewater disposal. If at the time the house was one floor you only bothered on a horizontal pipeline, the pipeline now includes horizontal and vertical. Vertical pipelines is very dependent on water sources, the slope of the pipe and the effects of gravity. So to ensure smooth water pushed, you can use the pipes with different diameters, ranging from small to large diameter.

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There are at least three important points that need to be observed before making the installation of a pipe in a terraced house. First, you need to design a floor plan layout complete with installation placement. The Plan contains a water supply network clean and dirty water installation plan, including wastewater. Additionally, you must distinguish the clean water pipes and pipes for wastewater disposal. Last point is no less important is the distribution channel in an integrated manner. It can be done by creating a space (shaft) for placement of the pipe in the wall.

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Shaft size is usually 60 cm x 60 cm to put the entire plumbing clean and dirty. Thus not opposing the pipeline, as well as make it easier to repair if any damage or leaks in pipes.

Tips For Maximum Pipe Works

  1. Replace the pipe outside the walls, not planted. This will facilitate maintenance and repair if leaking pipe. Adjust the placement of the tube so that it looks not spoil the beauty of the room.
  2. Select the type of PVC pipe with good quality. This material is not brittle and break easily.
  3. Replace the water network first before making pipe sewerage and effluent. Sewerage systems are more complex and use a larger pipe.
  4. Install the horizontal pipe circuit under beams the second floor or above the ceiling of the first floor.

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