Apply one of four Shabby Chic style for your home interior

Apply one of four Shabby Chic style for your home interior. Apply one of the shabby chic style in your home.

English Country Shabby Chic

Shabby chic elegant English has characteristics both of colors and patterns. Slightly different from the shabby chic in general, English country style is often enlivened with a solid color that is synonymous with luxurious feel, such as navy blue, golden yellow, and maroon. To neutralize it, the colors are combined with white or beige.

English country-style interior decor is generally crowded with classic paintings, ornaments made from ceramic and traditional rustic image patterned wallpaper with repetitive pattern. The concept of furniture is also focused on classic forms of large dimension, for example, Chippendale style furniture (furniture by Thomas Chippendale design that debuted in 1750an era). You can still give a modern twist in the form of use of a coffee table style minimalist, contemporary artwork, and sofa with buttoned detail.

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Shabby Chic style
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French Country Shabby Chic

Flow shabby chic this one under the influence of French-style farmhouse. Exposed brick walls became the main characteristic of the interior, with the other side wall decorated by wallpaper borders (type of wallpaper is applied as a line lengthwise middle limit or edge walls). Handmade wooden furniture, upholstery fabric made from knitted, hand carving and painting, become a major aspect of a space filler. As a complement, can be added tablecloths, curtains, upholstery and sofa cushions with motifs themed agricultural village.

French interior color concepts country adapt the colors of the rural landscape sunlit. That is why the main accent color of the range in bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and light green. French country can also be adapted into a French-style boudoir. Classic style of dressing room can be applied to the girls bedroom, with a color palette dominated by pink.

Beach Cottage Shabby Chic

As its name suggests, is inspired beach cottage style cottage house on the beach with ocean color and distinctive decor. Blue represents the sea, representing sand beige, and white represents the shabby chic itself, forming a neutral color palette that is not too feminine to be applied. Neutral colors are also seen in the choice of light-colored wood, for example, Dutch identity.

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One of the main identity beach cottage is built-in bench or built-in sofa. Not to forget, a few cushions with cushion cover blue color and gradation. The essence of the beach can also be represented through the accessories simple, such as starfish, sand bottles, and themed displays of coral reefs.

Gustavian Shabby Chic

The name is taken from the Gustavian shabby chic popularized the name of the character, the King Gustav III of Sweden. His visit to the Palace of Versailles was so inspired him to bring a touch of shabby chic to its own country. Compared to flow more shabby chic, elegant style Gustavian launching pad for use furniture, classic furniture that is still rich in the shape of the curve, curvy silhouette, with the addition of ornaments made of metal.

Gustavian interior color palette is dominated by gray in sufficient levels approaching white light. Complementary colors to accent among others blue and yellow ocher (mining products containing metals). Ocher yellow color that is the emphatic impression of luxury in Gustavian interior.

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