Bamboo building material future

Bamboo building material future. In the future, buildings, skyscrapers could no longer be made by concrete or steel, but other materials, such as bamboo. According to Dirk Hebel, bamboo can perform revolutionize the building industry and replace steel as the dominant material for this. Speaking at the World Architecture Festival, Hebel said that bamboo fiber can be used in a sustainable manner and are much cheaper.

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The man who is also a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) is developing a new material made from a mixture of bamboo fiber and organic resin. Material which is called by the name of bamboo composite material can be processed into various shapes.

“The material that we produce only weighs a quarter of the weight of steel, but in terms of the strength of the material has better performance,” said Hebel. These materials can also be used for other industries, like the automotive industry, as car body parts.

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Bamboo itself is not only strong, for Hebel This material also has other advantages, the price is 100 times cheaper. Unlike other trees, bamboo did not have to be replanted after harvesting. New shoots of bamboo it will grow back quickly.

A number of outside architects have also been using bamboo in their designs, such as Kengo Kuma and Shigeru Ban who has been experimenting with the material. Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia has also been a lot of building projects using bamboo, he even called the bamboo will be “the green steel of the 21st century”.

“In addition to bamboo, we also did a lot of research on other materials and of course our goal is to replace the concrete,” he said. Even now they are working with Berkeley University to develop an alternative that is not based cement, but biological based.

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