Beautiful Garden Inside House

Beautiful Garden Inside House. Creating a garden is not a difficult thing because you just pull out your creativity and imagination to be realized in this park. But it if the park is placed on the area of the front or rear of the brick.

Would be another story if you create a garden that is located inside the brick. The phenomenon of park attendance in the brick these days is quite widely because many Houses the new model and modern garden in the brick.

The obstacles are part of the brick is clean and the area did not have enough light into the needs of live plants in the room. Therefore you have to undertake the design and processing as well as the selection of plants adapted to the needs of the park.

Which is even more challenging is the brick that will be paired this park is certainly House area available was not comprehensive enough. Nevertheless, you should still do a design maximum in order to produce high art aesthetics.

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There are at least two types of garden that you can create on the inside make it look more brick has a beauty that is:

Beautiful Garden Inside House

Beautiful Garden Inside House

Beautiful Garden Inside House

Beautiful Garden Inside House

Parks Wet

Parks wet applied inside the brick is a park that has a moisture level like the park in general. In other words, this park will have a water content either on its own plantations or all at once with a fish pond in the park.

Parks wet for in a brick like this must be intensively either from watering or how to treat them the way that are not easily soiled and rotting plant occur due to water. It will look more fresh and green, but this wet planting should be intensively managed so that its beauty is always maintained.

Parks Dry

Just as the name suggests this dry garden is a garden that little water content even less likely to have a water content. The number of plants grown in the dry garden is also usually limited even no more than three types of plants. Not infrequently there are House owners who grow crops in the dry garden is only one crop only but it looks very beautiful and will seem more special.

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As for the types of plants themselves are resistant plants with water so it does not need to intensively flush every day. Installation of natural stone on the surface of a dry garden is the thing that is capable of emitting its own beauty either stone or rock.

To maximize the beauty of the garden design in this brick and for leisure activities in the brick, you can install a bulkhead or divider on the garden side of the glass so that it looks to be much more beautiful and much more special.

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