Calculating House building materials

Calculating House building materials. In engineering science building, to get the budget plan is usually a way to calculate the need for building materials and labor wages. As a result of analysis of the two types of costs, the unit price will be obtained produce Budget Plan.

The analytical tool used to calculate building materials is a mathematical science using the basic formula for the area and the volume and accuracy using images, or the ability to analyze the concept if there is no image. Image area with the building will facilitate the calculation of the size of the cross-sectional area or volume of work to obtain necessary building materials.

We will describe two ways to calculate the need for building materials in a simple way, the calculation is based on the type of work and the calculation based on the picture.

Calculating House building materials

Calculations Based on Type of Work

There are several ways that you can use to calculate the volume of each type of job, please read the following description:

  • Calculate the volume of work that has wide and thickness or cross-section and length by using cubic meter. For example masonry, brick, trestle.
  • Calculate the volume of work that has broad thickness and relatively thin using a square meter. such as spouses ceilings, painting, plastering the walls and floors.
  • Calculate material requirements using pieces of unit / item. Example: cupboards, plugs, sink, locks, switches and lights, sanitation equipment.
  • Calculate the building materials have an elongated sectional using the unit meter.
  • Calculate the building material consists of several components that are assembled into a single material unit / item. Example: wardrobe, dish rack, table stoves, electric panel.
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Calculation Based on Image Building

Site plan, in addition to showing the shape of the building and all parts of the house, also can be used to calculate the need for building materials. Image in question is the house plans, pictures (a side, front and rear), slice images, detailed drawings, and images of electrical installations and sanitation.

Each image has a different function and benefits. Sketch shows part of the building seen from above and explain all the parts of the building as a whole, can be used to calculate the volume of excavation, foundation Volume, volume of the rock, ceiling and floor area, the number of sanitary fittings.

Pictures of houses can be seen from the side, front and rear. You can use the traditional image to calculate the volume of stucco, lisplank long and the roof, the roof area, the type and shape of the doors and windows.

Footage, describing the building stands as tall buildings right in the house. By using this picture you can calculate the area of the inner wall to get the amount of stucco and paint the inner walls of the house.

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Slice images can also be used to calculate the trestle, breadth and width of doors and windows. You can use the electrical installation image to determine how the needs of switches, sockets, light fittings, cables and lights.

Simple Tips That Calculates the Ideal Home Building Materials Materials may be the subject of an idea to beautify the house of your dreams. May be useful.

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