Common Mistakes When Designing Kitchens

Common Mistakes When Designing Kitchens. It takes careful planning in designing the kitchen of a dwelling. Because the area is inhabited diverse types and sizes of cooking utensils that need to be kept so that the room still looks tidy. Not only about the appearance alone, a bad design also have an impact on your comfort while on the move in it. therefore, the following are six common mistakes you need to avoid when designing a kitchen.

Common Mistakes When Designing Kitchens

Ignoring Flow Activities

Applying groove activity in the kitchen or the ‘Kitchen triangle’ is not mere theory. Here’s what you need to plan carefully so that activity in the kitchen feels comfortable and safe.

Based on its activities, an area in the kitchen is divided into three zones, namely the area of Preparing, cooking and serving. Measure the distance between these three zones. Do not get too close and not too far. So to facilitate mobility in the kitchen, make sure the three main features of the refrigerator, sink and stove located adjacent to or within easy reach.

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Buying Furniture Cooking At The End

Buying kitchen furniture such as home appliances or kitchen utensils usually be the last agenda in the process of building or renovating the kitchen. Though it should be planned in the beginning. Why? Due to the size you buy home appliances such as a refrigerator, stove or microwave is not necessarily the same as the size of kitchen cabinets you’ve prepared.

Then where should save small furniture such as spoons, forks and cooking devices that had already purchased in large quantities? Store them in a container and then placed in the corner room of course will ruin the beauty of the kitchen. So, should a storage area had been planned before the beginning of the planning design of the kitchen. So the result will be more tidy and well organized.

Lack of Ventilation

Some of the conditions in the kitchen are made by developers normally closed and do not have access to the exit openings. Whereas it is important to bring vent in the kitchen to dispose of the heat and the smell of cooking that rotates in it. If not possible to make the ventilation, not least cooker hood use to suck up the smell so that the kitchen still feels comfortable and not stuffy.

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Poor lighting

Make sure you use general lighting with white light. This is so you can focus on the details observe the cooking process and do not feel tired or hot. As for the spotlight (spotlight) can be used to illuminate decorative objects (artwork) kitchen.

Ignoring Back splash Material

Choose materials that are easy to clean to cover the field back splash wall in the cooking area. You can use ceramic or stainless steel. So it looks attractive, beautiful ceramic motif select deemed so your kitchen look more attractive.

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