Composition of glass pieces into the interior decor

Composition of glass pieces into the interior decor. Bored with the color of paint or wallpaper motif in your living room? Creative with something new! Design glass wall is located on a lounge inside the restaurant. Here, the designers managed to create an impression of luxury and elegance (luxury) in accordance with the request of the restaurant. Almost the entire surface of the walls, floors, and ceilings are coated in black, which seems to be the canvas.

interior decor

It looks to be a contrast when coupled with a series of sofa and ottoman are entirely covered with white leather upholstery. Uniqueness actually appear through the wall surface covered by dark mirrored glass pieces (gray mirror).

The glass pieces arranged vertically and combined by white acrylic to hide the LED lights. Thus, zoom effects dazzling reflection of the LED spotlight is intentionally inserted (indirect lighting) in suspended ceilings. If general lighting is switched off, the light reflecting off the mirror succeeded in creating the impression of luxury in the room.

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