Concept Design Stadium Al Thumama, Venue 2022 World Cup

Concept Design Stadium Al Thumama. One of the stadiums for the 2022 Qatar World Cup venue has a unique and innovative design. Al Thumama Stadium at a glance shaped like a peci.
Stadium architects say if Qatar seeks to prove its promise to promote Arab culture to the world.

Central Qatar builds 8 new stadiums as a form of its readiness to host the 2022 World Cup. One of the venues was named Al Thumama Stadium which have unique designs like peci.

About 2 weeks ago, the innovative design of Al ThuMama Stadium was released to the public. Arena with a capacity of 40000 seats was inevitably seized attention because of its form like a glimpse peci, or in culture in Qatar commonly called by the name of gahfiya.

Concept Design Stadium Al Thumama

Concept Design Stadium Al Thumama

Concept Design Stadium Al Thumama

according to local official Al Thumama Stadium will be completed within 3 months. Ibrahim Saidah Engineer or architect of the Stadium claims If he wants to prove that the World Cup is an event that can be celebrated by everyone in the region.
inspiration in harmony with Qatar’s promise that the 2022 world cup will be the event that everyone is celebrating here.
I’m sure the design is resonating with Arab community or culture and we are very proud of this innovative plan. “the word jahidah to the international goal”.

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the concept is actually simple where during the design assisted by 13 other Partners we try for the idea of childhood memory in Aljasra region.
We tried to apply Arabic culture like thawb (Arabic typical robe) and gahfiya, “he said.

Further Jaidah Tak Want to close that there is a certain mission behind its unique design. He did try to promote Arab culture to the world.

“In fact, the design of this stadium was inspired from Arab culture to be proof of how we want to introduce to the world of culture here through international events like World Cup,” he explained again.

Al Thumama Stadium is planned to be used to hold several matches in the group phase until the quarterfinal round of Qatar World Cup 2022.

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