Create a Comfortable Ambience in The Kitchen

Create a Comfortable Ambience in The Kitchen. Apart from the bedroom, the kitchen also needs to be given a different touch to make it look more presentable. To be cooking more fun.

Adding some different ornaments and put a soothing fragrances can be an effective way. Here are some tips that you can do to make the kitchen feel more comfortable.

Create a Comfortable Ambience in The Kitchen

1. A touch of color

Color can affect our moods and even can make a big difference. Colors can change the atmosphere is very private, depending on the color you like. The different colors can be applied on walls, decorative kitchen to cabin kitchen.

2. Give the essential oils

Just as color can lift the mood, scent can help calm your mind. Rosemary is refreshing and can be used as a natural disinfectant, tea tree oil can be soothing and can be used as a cleaner and orange oil that can make you fresher and more vibrant. So when cleaning the room you should select the type of cleansers that contain fragrances or add to your cleaning fluid.

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3. Green plants

Not only beautify the room, green plants can also help clean the air. Also in some countries also symbolizes good luck plants such as clover plant in Ireland and bamboo in China’s Feng Shui symbolizes good luck and also in Hawaii.

4. Take the time to clean up

Psychologically, trims the furniture can make you feel more spacious and comfortable thereafter. A small thing you can do is to clean up the dirty dishes or just washing dishes and cleaning the stove.

5. Give garnish

Ornaments that you give in the kitchen refrigerator can be in the form of patches or patch the wall. The writing should contain the necessary motivation so that when you see it more vibrant.

6. Wash the windows

The natural light coming from the windows can make the atmosphere is getting warmer. For that windows need to be cleaned regularly. One way is with an effective white vinegar to clean windows. Source

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