Create impression Luxury In-Room

Create impression Luxury In-Room. Display-star hotel bath luxury home is often synonymous with a spacious room and expensive furniture.

In fact, there is a variety of easy and simple way that you can do to create the impression of luxury in the room.

One of the easiest ways so that the room looks luxurious is to choose colors and materials appropriate.

Here are easy tips to create the impression of luxury in the room.

Create impression Luxury In-Room

Create impression Luxury In-Room

Wall color

The choice of colors on finishing the walls greatly affects the appearance and atmosphere of the room.

To build the impression of luxury, choose bold colors such as black, brown or maroon red as an accent color that coats some areas of the wall.

The color density makes the walls look stand (stand out).

Upholstery Sofa

Limit the amount of furniture used in the room that is not too large.

You can put a two seated sofa, combined with a single chair or stool.

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So it looks luxurious look, chooses a sofa or chair upholstery leather and velvet (velvet). It would be interesting if the back seat there is an accent button (deep buttoned).

Combine a series of sofas with a coffee table made of glass with a minimalist design to reinforce the impression of elegance.


In addition to providing a sense of comfort when in the stampede, the carpet is interior elements are able to liven things up.

Select the type of thick furry carpet with minimalist motifs that match the tone color of the furniture.


In addition to the function of regulating the quality and quantity of light coming into the room, blinds or curtains is an element that is able to enhance the look of the room.

To reinforce the impression of luxury, choose curtain drapes models are usually used in the type of classic home.

Then choose satin or velvet with vitarase combination made of lace. Curtains that hung down to the floor give the impression of elegance and luxury.

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Armature Lamps

You do not have to install the chandelier made of crystal (chandeliers) to provide a luxurious feel to space.

Play on the shape and color of the light armature.

If you want to use a yellow light, then you should select the armature dark like black lights that glow of light creates a dramatic impression.

Wall Art

Decorate the walls with artwork in the form of paintings, wall clocks unique design or mirror.

Do not overdo put decoration for the walls do not look full.

To give a different look, do not be afraid to choose wall art gold (gold) or silver. Your room must have looked more luxurious!

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