Creating a Comfortable and Tidy Bathroom Modern

Creating a Comfortable and Tidy Bathroom Modern. For those of you who like the design of the shower room, it’s good to follow the tips below provide intelligence design your bathroom with the latest trends and sophisticated technology. Consider the following reviews:

Creating a Comfortable and Tidy Bathroom Modern

1. Outsmart Your Storage.

Design your own vanity by adding shelves, drawers and outlet are integrated to simplify your morning routine and keep your surroundings remain tidy. So that it looks unique, with a choice of finishing, equipment and “Countertopsber” colors to suit your taste.

2. Save room.

Choose products that are saving space, like a closet hidden behind a mirror that made the small room feel more spacious.

3. Playing With Color

Do not be afraid to use colored fixtures. Choosing the right color in the palette of colors you can tie the whole look of your bathroom.

4. Use a wide selection of textures in your bathroom equipment.

Mix and match the texture to tile, wood, tables and more. Glass sink, artist editions spun glass, adding an element of subtle colors and unique textures.

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5. Add Accessories

Combine colors, motifs and a personal touch to your bathroom with shower curtains, towels, clothes basket and soap.

6. Notice Technical Matters

You can add devices contact-less flush on your toilet without a flush way to create more hygienic touch in your home. You can also choose toilet contact-less San-Souci which comes in 10 colors that can be customized with the color or style of your bathroom.

7. Add color and fun

For you ‘bathroom singer’, was present Moxie shower equipped with wireless speakers. The device is capable of playing music up to seven hours directly from your Smart-phone or tablet.

Available in several colors, you can choose a selection of original white color or four other bright colors that can accompany your shower time.

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