Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful. Limitations of space in the home can not be used as a barrier for designing beautiful and healthy kitchen. As long as know how, clean kitchen can be created.

Before designing a minimalist kitchen there are several aspects that need to be considered. Among other things, the functional with the principles of the triangle that is the optimal relationship between the preparation area (refrigerator), the working area (stove and a work desk), and a laundry area.

Then the configuration of the kitchen. Because of limited space, the most optimal configuration is the type of the line, and the type of dimension L. Furthermore ergonomic standards that relate to humans and the environment. Related to this dimension of the most commonly used is lower cabinets and workbench that is P x 60 cm x 85-90 cm (LxWxH), the cabinet top: P x T x 30-40 cm (LxWxH). The distance between the upper and lower cabinets: 55-65 cm. Distance circulation: 120-150 cm.

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Creating a Minimalist Kitchen into a Beautiful

Length adapted to the length of the room available. The kitchen also should be considered natural lighting. The kitchen area is the most optimal placed in areas that directly relate to the room so getting natural lighting.

About the color selection on the concept of the kitchen, using bright colors such as white, gray, steel combined with natural elements such as wood color color as an accent. Interest exerts bright colors are so small room that would be memorable become more widespread.

For the color of the floor can be supplied in white or gray to make it look clean and bright. Or can also be given a touch of wood to get the impression that warm.

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The color of the cabinet bottom and top cabinet should be made uniform in order to give the impression of a strong unity between the two. The less color elements are present then the impression of the room will be more spacious. The tips could use white and gray to suggest “simple and clean” with the option of finishing the outboard tacon, formica, decosheet, high gloss panel. As for the selection of the topical finishing melamine and duco.

But if you want to get the impression that warm, can be coated with a touch of wood with a paste of finishing options such as veneer and high gloss panel.

For workbench, the color selection as much as possible in harmony with the color of the floor and the color of the cabinet. When the color white floor, cabinet color is gray, then the right choice for color work desk is dark gray or black color.

If the selection of flooring color is gray, the color of the cabinet is a wooden workbench then the color should remain in the derivative of white, gray and black. Problem was good material for use as a work table is marble, granite, solid surface, and ceramics.

Color between floors, cabinets, desks, and ceiling should be in a derivative color with a maximum of two color combinations plus one accent color. The goal again in order to make the kitchen look more clean and more spacious.

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In addition, to be considered is the wall. Because the wall area generally become dirty easily because of oil splashes and smoke from the stove. Therefore in order to avoid it is better to use a material that is smooth and easy to clean. Materials suitable for lining the walls of the material used are the same as those used on the workbench such as marble, granite, or ceramic.

Or residents can also make an accent wall in the form of material in the kitchen. Because the material is suitable for use is a mosaic, in which the color selection must remain a derivative with the selection of flooring, cabinets, desks, and the color of the ceiling.

About the right configuration for the kitchen actually depends on the shape of the existing space. If space allows for the configuration of “L Type” then it is advisable to choose this type. Configuration “L Type” can be applied to a space that can be directly related to other spaces such as open-plan dining room.

In this configuration area grouping can be performed on two toward the wall or cabinet that is different. The shortest way suitable for use as a laundry area, while the longitudinal direction can be used as a work area and preparation area.

But if the room can not accommodate the configuration of the kitchen “L Type” then it can have the configuration of a single line or a straight line where his weaknesses are at the preparation area, a work area, and a laundry area that are in one line.

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The choice of material for the kitchen set is highly dependent on the budget, which obviously is a function of the material should be durable, easy to clean, and flame retardant.


Although kitchens should consider air circulation. To overcome that ideally each window it will be more healthy a room with natural lighting. However when faced with limited space, the most optimal window position is placed in the wall between the lower cabinets and cabinet top.

Function remains as the circulation of light and air circulation and remove without disrupting the functional area, besides if the kitchen does not have direct air circulation needed kitchen cooker hood as a device that is able to suck the smoke and odor. The smoke from the cooking process will be continued through the cooker hood, chimney and distributed to the outdoors through a wall or ceiling. The kitchen of this type are advised to choose the type of slim hood (built-in) in order to save space.

As much as possible the air circulation is available, it will be increasingly healthy kitchen. It would be better if the position of the window can be faced between opposite walls which triggers the movement of the air directly,

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