Creative idea, room divider with water pipeline

Creative idea, room divider with water pipeline. If a room divider made of wood material, bamboo or iron was used, what if the partition is made of a series of pipes? Unique and interesting ideas that you can apply at home. This cafe uses plumbing to limit the patio area with the building next door.

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According to the owner, this idea came to reinforce the theme of the laboratory into the concept of interior design as a whole. The pipeline is one item that is identical to the lab.

Ranks tube 4 inch diameter pipeline was not merely arranged upright, but also interconnected and bumpy like a pipeline in the laboratory. Interestingly, the bottom of the pipe even functioned as chair legs, but for this section of pipe used iron pipe diameter of 5cm. It looks more interesting with swivel faucet as accents wrapped with bright colors and eye catching.

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