Decorate the house with Painting

Decorate the house with Painting. Painting is not just a two-dimensional piece of art that is able to freshen the eye.

Painting is more than just a complement to the interior decoration and sweetener but also can give a special meaning to build character, atmosphere and the lives of the room.

Painting you can put in any room you like, from the living room, family room, bedroom, den, kitchen, to the bathroom.

Here are things you should consider in decorating homes with paintings.

Decorate the house with Painting

The concept of space

Adjust genre painting with the concept of space in your home. If you want a room that is more vibrant, you can display the abstract painting.

For the concept of space is more eccentric and full of unlimited imagination, select a genre painting surrealism.

Neutral walls

Try to place your wall displaying paintings are crowded with striking colors. Wall with one color and plain living and make the painting more prominent.

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White wall suitable for painting with lines and intricate shapes, while the black or gray is suitable for painting themed dark (dark) and gloomy.

Customize with Personality

Indeed a home is that reflects the personality of the owners and occupants. If indeed you like the style of contemporary art, you can choose the paintings unique eccentric.

But if you like the beauty of nature and the beauty of Indonesia there is no harm in choosing painting mooi indie style.

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