Decoration with Ramun Lamp Multifunction

Decoration with Ramun Lamp Multifunction. Urban communities today are very concerned with the role of the aesthetic value of the dwelling. No wonder, when they begin to understand and enjoy activities enhance your home. One way to beautify the interior of the house by adjusting various kinds of household furniture. The goal is to get the ideal residential ambience that suits their individual tastes.

Decoration with Ramun Lamp Multifunction

In recent years, the trend in home furnishings or furniture tends more multi-functional. One furniture has many functions through a specific design. For example, the living room table designed also as a place to hide things. Because, side table designed as lockers. There is also a table designed like a coffin.

Not only furniture, but also home decor can have multiple functions. Through a slick design and unique, Ramun Lamp by Alessandro Mendini could be an alternative treats to decorate the room. Ramun has combined technical expertise and inspiration of artists. Thus, the challenge all obstacles in every aspect of product design.

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Ramun Lamp can be used as a display or as a torch light. In fact, the product is also designed with the strains of classical music. Now, multi-function furniture products to display stylish and unique can be obtained on the website Lumikasa. One of the products of spatial distributed exclusively by Lumikasa, namely Ramun Lamp.

“Lumikasa presenting furniture and home decoration products with attractive design style that has been selected by the curator of experienced and affordable price,” said Founder and Owner Lumikasa Evita Luminto

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