Decorative Wall with Empty Frame Composition

Decorative Wall with Empty Frame Composition. Design the wall can be a variety of ways, one of the most common is to put various photos.

However, have you ever seen that was displayed just the frame? So true.

Design the wall with a blank frame, which is generally without glass, can also be an idea to beautify the look of the interior.

When the empty frames are not too familiar, to design the wall using a series of plates or gallery wall is some arrangement like him.

Decorative Wall with Empty Frame Composition

It’s just a different medium. Did not take advantage of empty frames much cheaper and easier? You can use the former frame, also do not have to bother thinking about the contents of the frame.

No need to fear if the frame will spoil the look of the room, because the shape of the visual frame is old or older can actually give a unique impression.

If not satisfied, the former frame can be made like new again with the process of cleaning and repainting. The series was pretty empty frame ready to beautify the walls!

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How, is driving the display wall at home with a series of empty frames? Some of these tips will be helpful if you plan to implement it at home. Congratulations to organize!
Selecting Frame for Walls

The first step, of course, setting up a frame that will be used, whether it is new or used. Frames may vary, both color and form.

However, it would be better if the display frame seen as a single entity. The easiest way is to connect it with a matching color.

Color should not be the same, just to be in the same gradations.

If the color is not possible, a frame shape is another alternative. Frame size is also influential to the overall impression.

Do not dwell only on a small or medium size, try to install a large-sized frame, and make it the focal point!

Organizing Frame

Grouping is one way to arrange the frame on the wall. However, apart from that there are other ways to make it look more attractive, which lay another frame within the frame.

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A unique look, is not it? Frames do not appear to be empty, but at the same time not filled with ornate public as well, such as a photo or painting.

Be creative, many other objects that can be used and placed as if in a frame, such as artwork, sculpture, dolls, or ribbon.

Is not empty frame set will be more attractive when the wall itself has an ornamental? Decorate concerned can use wallpaper or painted in bright colors.

The presence of the frame can be as highlight patterns or motifs on wall. Design the wall using the wall sticker and put a frame afterwards can also attract the attention of people who see.

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