Design and minimalist room decor

Design and minimalist room decor. Not only for the family room or living room Pak many of this many homeowners who helped design the room by adopting a minimalist style.

In addition to giving the impression of a modern minimalist is also believed to be able to make the room more spacious and easy on the neat.

Design and minimalist room decor

There are some simple room designs that you can apply?

Open cabinet design concept

Not only need a budget to provide in-room cabinets are also quite wide-ranging. If you are diligent in cleaning the closet space can be an option.
bags of clothing and accessories with Hanger then place shoes and bedding such as bed linen and blankets on the shelf.
while underwear can be stored in a cabinet or small closet.

Versatile design concept table

Place the Long Table near the foot of your bed, as a place to put any item. including the store or snack you want to eat while relaxing in the room.
this versatile table concept can be used to work as well.

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Bed design concept without cot

Using a large cot certainly makes the room becomes narrow. It will not matter if you just put the mattress on the floor with the carpet or rooms that use parquet floors.
make sure you regularly clean the mattress pads every week. add a floor carpet close to the bed so that when you wake up and lower your legs to the floor Feet Not cold.

Concept crop replacement of photo frames and accessories

Wall of the room should not be decorated using photo frames. if you want your room more cool and green will plant as decorate your room. You can put on the edge of the window or on the table.

with the proper spatial arrangement minimalist home can feel roomy.

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