Designing music studio

Designing personal music studio. Build a personal music studio at home is not an easy task. There are many things you need to consider in the design process, especially acoustic devices that determine the quality of sound or noise is generated and ensure the sound does not leak and disrupt the other room.

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If you are planning to build a private music studio at home. Both are a lot of experimenting with material and applying acoustic treatment in this studio. The goal is to support every frequency sound from a variety of musical instruments used in the recording process so that the results are clear.

In this studio there is a wall surface which is processed to reflect the sound (reflector), nothing to absorb sound (absorber), and some are to shorten the sound waves (diffuser). Almost every room is applied insulator with a silencer in order to soundproof (soundproof), protected from the entry of noise or vibration noise from outside, and the sound leaking from the inside to disturb the surrounding environment. For example, the walls of which the main recording room is also the corridor walls and building facades studio, created composed of two layers of bricks 25 cm thick which serves as a reflector well as a diffuser.

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The bottom is made holes with random position and size, while the central hole is left empty it contains little sand and partitioned by frosted glass thickness of 10 mm so as to allow light into the room.

The surface of the walls and floor of the corridor and foyer coated steel sheet. This hard material serves to dampen high frequency noise and noise generated by the passersby or people talking in the corridor area. The welded steel sheet fused to cover the frame and door, and then the surface is left rough (rustic) so it looks exotic. Ceiling and wall surface of an interior foam covered by a synthetic leather that serves to muffle the sound of low frequencies.

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