Designing room for the Children Play

Designing room for the Children Play. Making house tidy when they have small children is definitely not an easy job. Because the play is their main activity, it is not surprising that the home is a place to run, learn, and explore.

However, it also means cleaning activities into many times, or the house will look messy.

If you do not want to be in these conditions, design the house becomes a place in the play room.

Needless to large, as long as the room can put a variety of toys and provide everything your child needs.

With the playroom, no need to be afraid to see the house will be disrupted when children play.

Children can also be taught responsibility by keeping his toy train.

However, designing a playroom

For children is obviously not an easy thing.

By following a few suggestions below, a play room for children’s dreams can be realized.

Children can play and learn to be satisfied, but the house is maintained straight.

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Designing room for the Children Play

Designing room for the Children Play


Involve children in designing the play are the best way to create a bond and a sense of responsibility towards the place and all of his possessions.

Let the children participate in determining the design space can also make him more excited to play there.

The room can be designed to focus on a single theme, like art.

Create your cheerful room with choices of bright colors on the walls or furniture.

One wall can be painted with chalkboard paint so that children’s freedom to be creative.

If the child wants to add a favorite cartoon character or other details, do on one side of the wall. Needless to paint it directly, just use wall stickers.

In this way, the room will be easy for the redesigned when the child is not happy with the existing design.

Because children are still growing, and his favorite tastes will certainly change.

Therefore, the design the possibility there is a change to make it easier later on.

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Tables and chairs are furniture that are always provided in the playroom.

Since children develop rapidly, it could not hurt to provide furniture that can set its own size and magnitude (adjustable play table).

Thus, they may be used any longer and do not need to be replaced every time.

In addition to tables and chairs for writing or drawing, soft sofa or pouf can be included in the list.

That way, children can sit and read a book with more comfort.

In addition, choose furniture that is lightweight so easy when moved and laid out.

Remember, too, not to put a lot of furniture for children need space to move.

Make sure the furniture does not impede the flow of movement.


Various toys in the playroom also need to be stored and organized.

To keep the room look attractive, open storage use, such as open and closed storage racks, for example, cabinets. The use of both can benefit.

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Store all toys and other small objects that might be able to make the room look cluttered closet.

Meanwhile, open shelving can display all the toys are unique, interesting, and colorful.

The last way can also facilitate the child to pick up his toys.

So that storage can be used for a long time without having to worry about missing the trend, choose storage wood shades.

The toys in a storage area also need to be moved. When you’re tired, broken, and not played, toys should be discarded or given to someone else.

If worried suddenly the child will look for it, keep it in place so that does not meet the storage and still have room to store the new toy.

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