DIY Flower vase is made of Light Bulbs

DIY Flower vase is made of Light Bulbs

DIY Flower vase is made of Light Bulbs. Recycling something unused items is certainly very possible to do, you need to take is to always bring up an interesting idea used goods. As we’ll do this time, which makes a vase trendy and beautiful of the bulb.

By planting flowers or Faux flowers lay in the bulb will certainly put former home decor there while honing your creativity in recycling used goods. You can hang a few vases on the wall or set them lined up in a rack. Consider a full explanation of our following.

DIY Flower vase is made of Light Bulbs

DIY Flower vase is made of Light Bulbs

Ingredients you should prepare for a vase:

1. The bulb former
2. Pincers
3. Hammer
4. Nail set

Ingredients to make a hanger:

1. Wire to hang vase
2. Cutting wire
3. Stick small logs
4. Drill
5. Tape black
6. Gloves

How to make a light bulb vase waste ex:

  • The first thing you should do is wear gloves before starting for security.
  • Provide a trash can under your feet to accommodate all of the broken glass.
  • Hold the bulb and use a nail set to break or remove the black part on the bulb, do it carefully.
  • Remove the tiny silver parts using pliers small puller, then remove also part black glass therein.
  • Continue to remove all the light bulbs with pliers and a hammer with a heart – the heart.
  • Remove the contents from light bulbs with a small puller pliers until all the contents of the bulb clean.
  • Drill a wooden stick with a depth of 1/8 inch.
  • Cover the mouth of the bulb with black tape.
  • Cut – cut the wire into some measure, to be used as a hook on the ceiling or wall of your house.
  • Take a piece of wire, then wrap the rod using pliers puller so that the wire spiral.
  • Remove the wire that has been formed using a pair of pliers.
    The spiral wire pairs at the mouth of the bulb.
  • Note that the wire can be fused with a strong light bulb.
  • If there is still loosely tighten using pliers.
  • You can establish a wire hanger in accordance with your own creations – each.
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How to make a light bulb vase is quite easy and suitable for you who have recently started working on a work of art. You can make some fruit vase light bulbs and combine them into one in a bookcase or table and you can also hanging on the porch or wall of your house. The interior of your house will look more beautiful with this light bulb vase. Congratulations to create.

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