How to make a dry garden design in the interior of the house? curious!

How to make a dry garden design in the interior of the house? curious!. Dry dry garden is a garden that does not require much water. Dry garden is generally chosen because of the limited intensity of sunlight. Dry garden is flexible so it can be placed in different rooms in the house according to taste.

Besides beautify the room in terms of aesthetics, cleaning, garden also can cool the room. Dry garden can be applied near the family room or dining room to complete the atmosphere during the move.

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Garden cleaning composition is usually only in the form of rocks, pebbles, sand and a few potted plants. Because the dry garden contains plant needs little water, the level of maintenance is fairly easy and not time consuming. Here are 5 tips to make dry garden in the house:

Choose Plants that Do not Need Much Light and Water

Plants that usually exist in the dry garden is a plant that does not require a lot of sun in full and does not need much water. You can choose plants like bromeliads, cactus.

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If you want to make the atmosphere even more beautiful, can add the element of water such as ponds, fountains or waterfalls. Gurgling sound of water can create a cool atmosphere and provide a calming effect. However, it should be noted also maintenance, cleaning garden that still provide comfort for the occupants of the house.

As The Relaxation and Meditation

If you want a taste of relaxation in the dry garden, make sure the part you relax quite comfortable. You can choose synthetic grass, stones or gravel, sand comfortably occupied. Or you could put dry garden near the gazebo in the house. Simply put the mat, but can relax, you can meditate. Besides beautify and cool the room, dry garden can also be used as a place of meditation or contemplation.

Artwork Unique in the Park Dry

To make the garden more lively dry, you can put the artwork. Sculpture or other art objects can be your creations to decorate a dry garden. However, be sure to also clean, do not let dust and cobwebs lodged in artwork that can detract from the beauty dry garden in your home.

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Wildlife dry low light will make the house into a dank and dingy. If your home is minimal openings, you can outsmart by presenting a skylight. Natural light can help the room was not damp thus inhibiting the growth of moss on the rocks in a dry garden. For the evenings, you can take advantage of the park lights or spotlights to create a dry garden look more beautiful.

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