Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Outdoor Furniture. Have the rest of the land behind the house can be a distinct advantage for the homeowner. This empty area may be used to expand the kitchen, enlarge a bedroom, or even used as a relaxation area.

Usually, if the available land is wide enough, the occupants often make a fish pond to gazebo there. However, if the area is limited, a mini park often become a popular alternative is applied.

Talking about the park, would not be complete if it is not filled by a set of tables and benches as decoration.

According to the needs and themes to be carried, you can choose a table and chairs made of rattan, aluminum, plastic, teak wood, and wrought iron.

Furniture-furniture that will be placed outside the room must have a strong durability and easy maintenance. Essentially different material, the different potions cleaner. What are they?

Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Plastic materials

Furniture made from plastic most easily found in furniture stores with a relatively cheap price. Not only that, any maintenance is quite easy. Lap desks and chairs with a clean cloth soaked in a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent, then rinse with a hose from top to bottom.

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If there is mold on one of the legs of the chair, then you can clean them with baking soda.

A little note, you should insert the plastic furniture in the house when it rains. It is intended that the tables and chairs can last longer, not easily broken or flaking.


In a minimalist style house, furniture made of rattan used often enough. Just like plastic, rattan relatively easily cleaned of dirt and fungus attached.

You do this by using a soft brush moistened with water and a mild soap-based grease.

You can use an old toothbrush as a cleaner. But if the toothbrush bristles are not rigid enough to remove dirt tucked away, use the tip of a stick, wire, or other sharp objects. Clean carefully so as not to damage the woven pattern.

After brushing the perfect, chairs and tables using the rinse water. For maximum results, wipe furniture least once a week in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the cracks webbing.

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Wrought iron material

The process of caring for furniture made of metal with plastic similar places. You only need to wipe with a clean cloth that has been soaked in a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent.

Wrought iron chairs and tables require special attention, because if the stain is not immediately cleaned it will lead to rust.


Unlike the case with furniture made from teak wood. Herb that can be used to take care of is the oil timber.

Apply the oil to the entire piece of furniture with a clean cloth slowly. Oil helped more durable timber, protect from the sun and make it shine like new.

Not only that, oil timber can also retain moisture so it can lower the temperature of the sun’s heat when the surface of the furniture.

For those of you who are lazy to clean, furniture made from teak wood is perfect purchased because the treatment can be done every six months.

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Wipe with a clean cloth soaked in a mixture of water and dish soap to clean the dirt on aluminum furniture.

To remove scratches, use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water and cleaning bathrooms. Source realsimple.com

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