Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

European style and classical. Many people who think if the design house that uses the European style or classic architecture of the building is the same concept.

But with the development, the popularity of modern residential design style did not make the classic style dwelling lose fans. And whether or classic European style home together?

In fact, if viewed from several aspects, both styles have a concept that is not always the same alias is different, although both come from the same continent that is Europe.

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Lies the difference between European and Classical styles of design are in fact can indeed be said to be not very significant.

But somehow things are not the same as it has an influence on the feel of the building to see the whole house.

In this case, there are still many houses that still choose to apply the classic style as the identity and character to their home.

Moreover, the current development of the design has undergone tremendous change, different from the past tend to take longer to move.

Currently the house is used European design style more simplified in order to follow the trend that is happening.

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However, the existing space in the interior or continue to use a variety of materials of stone, not unlike the time when this design style began to be used by many people.

The goal is a warm and intimate impression among the inhabitants of the house can still be present in that space.

Besides the pillars of the building also will be retained but the color application has been replaced with the colors brighter and brighter.

So the European ethnic character can still arise, but on the other hand, residents can still express themselves and their lifestyle as a symbol of the state that has been established.

The characteristics or classical European style house

Its main characteristics can be seen from the size of doors and windows of higher and use the concept of shutters that double or multiple.

While the Classical style, age older than the European style. Appearance simultaneously with the time when letter writing system began to be used.

However this time the Classical style has also been affected by other, more modern style, giving rise to the character of today’s more viscous.

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However, what distinguishes it is the European style, the use of poles or pillars keep using shaped decoration is very detailed carvings.

While European-style home does not use the carving. Even if the wear, the shape is not as complicated as the pillars of the Classical style.

While the Classical style, which is so central Greece developments are in the country, especially during the empire.

Classical European style building and also has a function somewhat different. Building more European style applied to make the palaces, government buildings, public buildings or private homes are often called the castle.

But the Classical style most often used to create a building used as a place to worship, a residential home and a place to gather in large numbers.

Among these differences, both styles also had the same attitude. That has a very high artistic value and have always had a very lovely view as well has a magnificent character.

Those are some differences in definitions and characteristics of the house and classic European style.

If what classical European style apartment, consider some explanation of the design and illustration of the picture.

For classical European style apartment

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Design houses and apartments with European style and classical

Application white color that dominates most of the field walls and ceiling as if it is present as a canvas of the game shapes and colors appear through furniture and accessories.

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Some ornaments such as the classic white trim profiles that adorn the walls and a chandelier hanging over the dining table reinforced the classic theme is carried.

Vinyl wood texture chevron patterned covering most of the floor and an artificial fireplace in the dining room, reminiscent of the romantic atmosphere of Paris surrounded by old buildings exotic.

For furniture applications, the owner of the apartment units more use of loose furniture in the form of three seater sofa and chair upholstery Scandinavian style with a bandage monochrome like white, gray, and beige.

The bright colors are present through the application of some accessories, a collection of toy figurines and posters framed neatly adorn the walls.

Modern and refined form of eccentric colors of these decorative elements managed to eliminate the impression of an old school of classical style.

In contrast, a blend of two styles also presents an attractive design visualization and harmony.

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