Examples concept window design ideas

Examples concept window design ideas. If in the house there are many windows or openings, do not just make it as a means of exchange of air.

Take advantage of a favorite place by designing the surrounding area as a place to sit.

It could also, from the outset of the design of the front wall slightly juts out so that it can be made a built-in bench.

Its position adjacent to the window, of course, makes the area a great place to relax.

Window with these seats can also be used as a comfortable reading nook with added cushion and cushion.

However, many activities can be done here, such as work or even sleep.

As one of the houses here in Australia.

Sections around the window is converted into a cozy window seat and be able to attract the attention of anyone who saw it.

A seating area made as one with wide window frames.

Examples concept window design ideas

Examples concept window design ideas

Examples concept window design ideas

Examples concept window design ideas

The overall room also gives the impression of simple and modern with a mix of wood and white elements on the walls.

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Apartments in South Korea also had a window seat that looks very cozy.

The design looks very beautiful and eye catching. The window area is made slightly indented or advance to the outside, while the interior is made as a seating area.

More attractive with the lighting in the area.

Window seat is clearly making anyone feel at home spending time there.

While Australian homes that implements this concept, designing window seat rather low and very close to the floor.

However, it actually adds to the impression of the area as one of the best view sofa home premises.

With such a low design, became more comfortable sitting.

House in Canberra, Australia this one has other ideas in presenting a window seat.

The window seat made together with storage and bookshelves placed right beside the window.

Simply put, a sitting area on one side of the storage.

Interesting idea, is not it? No longer need to spend a place to add seats, ample storage and a reading nook is created.

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