Family Room Can Shaping Character Kids

Family Room Can Shaping Character Kids. The family room is the center of social activity a family. This is where the center of family warmth radiated.

After a day of activities, the whole family gathered in the living room to share stories, exchange ideas, develop plans, and more.

Communication between parents and children even intertwined intense in this area. Surprisingly, this kind of communication also affect the child’s comprehension.

family room can shaping character kids

Child and family psychologist, said that in addition to genetic factors, education, nutrition, friends, and the level of education the father and mother, the child’s intelligence is also influenced by the interaction with family members.

Not only that, the ability of socialization of a child, according to the psychologist’s expert, was also influenced by the interaction between children and parents. An emotionally competent children would also be socially competent.

If parents are not able to establish communication with the child warm, the child loses confidence in himself.

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A child whose low self-confidence will be vulnerable to become victims of bullies. Bully perpetrators usually seek women low self-confidence and this shows in her movements, “according to educational motivator.

Then, how to establish good communication with the child? Psychologist and family counselor explained that each family is required to have a family ritual, which is when all family members get together.

Family rituals there are many kinds. Can at dinner, be in the family room, there is an important time to talk heart to heart, academic, fun topic to discuss.

Even the family of US President, Barack Obama, has a ritual “Roses and Thorns” every dinner.

Each family member tells the interesting events and an annoying incident that occurred on that day.

The purpose of this family ritual not only to share their insights, but to train family members, especially children, to be more courageous in the expression of emotion.

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