Drums Recycled For Furniture And Home Decor

Drums Recycled For Furniture And Home Decor. Drums or kegs perhaps not a foreign object that is rarely encountered. Although the appearance was common, the use and function may be not as many people imagine. Large objects with round shape also has a function to beautify the interior as an accessory or piece of furniture, such as chairs and tables.

Furniture And Home Decor

Furniture And Home Decor

With its shape, people are able to easily make a seat or a place to put things. However, the process of recycling, drum or barrel can have a very interesting display to be placed in the room. By design, coloring, and the use of motifs, drum or barrel no longer have the usual look, but pretty.

With the process, including cleaning, painting stainless, priming and painting, a drum or barrel can be transformed into objects with a new look. Its function is more complete with added cushion to sit on a chair or a wooden board for a table.

The selection and quality of the drum or barrel drum is an important factor that can be used well. One of the considerations in selecting the drum is a drum in the normal state and does not have dented or damaged parts.

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Its size also varies, to a chair, for example, are the size of small, medium, and tall. Objects that can be designed on the drum base material is also very diverse, not confined to a chair or a table. Close keg can be wall decor and clock, while the mini-sized drum can be transformed into a lantern or lamp function and potted plants. In addition, this drum can be designed to be multi-functional, ie, by utilizing the inside of the drum as storage. By doing so, the drum table or chair can be furniture and a place to store objects.

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