Getting to know Inner Court, Garden in room

Getting to know Inner Court, Garden in room. There are many ways to bring shades of green houseplants. Designing a dry garden, vertical garden, put the pots in a rack, or even to create a garden in the room.

Parks in space or often called the inner court is one way that nature and the atmosphere can be felt in the house.

Just like a garden, inner court open and semi-open design, can be covered with a transparent roof or no roof at all.

Pictured, not fresh wind or rain water that can be felt in the house? When concerned with the rain, the roofs design with open-close system to facilitate.

With such a design, the inner court gave other benefits, other than just the green landscape in the room, add to the aesthetics, and give the impression area.

Getting to know Inner Court, Garden in room

Getting to know Inner Court, Garden in room

The excess is the inner court can make the room glow with sunlight breaking through, and maximize air circulation.

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To design it, it is not necessary a specific area.

Large home or with a limited area can bring.

Even so, the position of the inner court is very important to note.

Instead, place the garden this room at the house requiring enough air circulation, as in any part of the back or the location that became a gathering place for all family members, including the dining room and family room.

Then, with what inner court designed? Generally, inner court dominated by the rocks, such as coral and plants that are not too high, for example, grass, bushes, or shrubs.

In addition, select plants that require little hot sun for ease in maintenance, for example, Sansevieria plants.

Trees can also be planted; just do not put the tree too much so that the house does not feel cramped, full, or damp.

The pool water is also an interesting mixture for the inner court.

However, the pool takes care of quite difficult.

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If not treated properly, can mossy pond and bring mosquitoes.

But because of the pool, inner court roof open would be an easy way for mosquitoes to get into the house.

This problem of course one of the risks that should be considered.

Overcome this problem by installing a mosquito screen.

If there is a pool, clean the pool regularly.

By doing so, the inner court can have the interesting sights and more enjoyable.

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