Good plants for Home decor

Good plants for Home decor. Plants are very interesting decor and always managed to make the house look more pleasant.

Plants are very interesting decor and always managed to make the house look more pleasant.

In addition to be placed in the courtyard or terrace, a wide selection of plants can you put in the house. Want to know what kind? Here’s the full review.

Good plants for Home decor


These tiny plants prickly very popular as interior decoration. In addition to not take up much space, it was fairly easy cactus treated because they do not need frequent watering.

Besides looks beautiful, cactus is also useful for health.
cactus was able to eliminate bacteria, purify the air, and even ward off radiation.

Put in the bedroom, then the plant can absorb carbon dioxide so that the air gets fresher.


“Pachira” has a very unique appearance. How not, the trunk of the plant looks like a braid, while the leaves on it looks like a horse tied hair. Not only beautiful, “Pachira” also can absorb the smoke, especially cigarette smoke. Therefore, put this plant in the list your home decor.

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Palm Yellow

Yellow palm plant is already very commonly used as home decoration, including interior.

If you keep it in the room, this plant can serve as a natural water purifier, you know! Interested treat? Do not forget to remove from the house once a week to be exposed to sunlight.

Bethel Dutch

Not only beautiful, betel dutch placed in the rooms of the house is also good for absorbing poisons.

You can put it in a room that can be used by family members to smoke.

The room will remain safely occupied by other tenants after use smoke. Maintenance is easy! Quite flush regularly because these plants need plenty of water.

Suplir Adiantum

If other useful plants absorb toxins and smoke, maidenhair ferns “Adiantum” have uses to absorb and counteract radiation of electronic devices.

Save “Suplir” in the work space, study room, and living room watching television to keep your body protected from these dangers.

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In addition, “Suplir” also excellent for absorbing absorb toxins from house paint.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a myriad of benefits that should not be overlooked in list your home decor.

Plants are also known as Aloe Vera can clean the air well.

Substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, until “Formalhedida” can be absorbed well by these plants.


Not just green plants, there is also a beautiful flower that can be useful for the good of the body.

One of them is the chrysanthemum. Enter and procedures have several bunches of flowers in a vase and place in the corner of the house you want.

Benzene contained in glues, paints, plastics, detergents also be filtered by this flower.

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