Characteristic house needs makeover

House needs makeover. Not only yourself that needs a makeover to look more attractive, the home state also must always be considered.

According to Shelley Kirsch, founder of Shelley Kirsch Interior Design and Decoration based in Toronto, homeowners need to redecorate his house after occupying at least 10-15 years.

Trend always changing, so are the tastes, after 10 years of obsolescence in the house would be.

Characteristic house needs makeover

Although it was not until 10 years, following the signs your house need a makeover so as not to seem outdated.

Your home Worsens Physical

Try to see your home as a whole, does a lot of paint peeling, faded sofa upholstery, and other obsolescence? Physical damage is the clearest sign that your house needs repairs.

The house filled with the damage will make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Be sure to fix, if the funds you have not too much, do a gradual improvement.

You feel claustrophobic

You feel things in your home more and more, easily look messy, leaving less and less space? A sign you need to makeover your home.

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Do a thorough cleaning to your home, and dispose of your habits are happy to accumulate goods. Every room in the house you need to get equal attention from you.

You Often in Allergy and Pain

You more often cough and flu while at home than outside the home? Or you are even more frequent itching when a day of being at home than when traveling? That’s the sign of your house a lot of germs.

Check your room, if there is dust nesting, especially in the air vents. Dirty air is often trapped in the house. If you are a dirty vents, like vents, for example, this makes more and more dirty air can be trapped in the house.

So is the fan, if the fan blades are dirty, the air rotating in the room will also be dirty.

You Start Feeling Uncomfortable and Need Reform

The house is clean, there is no significant damage, but you still feel uncomfortable in the house.

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it’s a sign you are getting bored with your home and need updating freshness with home atmosphere. New atmosphere can be obtained by repainting the rooms in the house as the family room, living room or your room.

To create an atmosphere novelty is not always you have to buy new furniture, but also can be obtained by changing the furniture layout.

Change must Lifestyle

For those of you who already have children, pay attention to lifestyle must change, including the habit at home.

Make sure there are no objects that could endanger your child at home. If you are not used to clean the floor every day, when there are small children, your home should always be clean and sterile, because children are far more vulnerable than yourself for the disease.

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