How to Overcome Problems Ceiling sag

How to Overcome Problems Ceiling sag. Just as wall and floor coverings, ceilings were not spared from the problem. One problem that often occurs in the barrier between the roof and ceiling of this space is the field which sagged.

The cause deflections typically caused a decline due to mounting frame that is not angled, so the ceiling framework became asymmetric. Other causes could be due within the framework of one another too wide. Ceiling load is not distributed evenly across the frame, so that the parts that are not supported order to cause deflection. Generally, the distance between wooden or metal frame and metal hollow croton is about 60 – 90 cm or 60 cm x 120 cm. The more tightly the more powerful and wasteful material.

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If left unchecked, can damage the ceiling sagged beauty of the room. Risks worst can even threaten the safety when the ceiling was no longer able to withstand the load. How to handle it? Here it tips!

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Identify the cause

Note the cause deflection on the ceiling; could be due to wrong installation or order porous eaten by termites. Mark the ceiling sagged and then ask for help from handyman to fix it.

Unloading ceiling

Open the cover on the ceiling that sagged. If a portion of the ceiling damaged by termite, then you should replace the entire frame.

Add retaining frame

The next solution is to add the retaining frame. The material following the initial frame material. If you use a hollow metal frame, then use the same material on the retaining frame. Then put the retaining frame according to the conditions of deflection. If you previously installed every 1.2 m retaining frame then you can add it into every 60 cm. You can also add a cable sling linked to horses roof frame to support the weight of the ceiling.

Measure the ceiling elbow

If the retaining frame finishes installing, make sure the order has been precision by using water pass. This tool is used to measure the angled ceiling.

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Close ceiling

Finally, close and re-paint the ceiling the same color in other areas of the ceiling.

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