Importance of the use of cement when building house

Importance of the use of cement when building house. Have a beautiful home with aesthetic and has a strong structure is a dream for everyone.

Therefore, today many who decided to build her dream home from scratch rather than buying ready-made home.

Building a house from scratch provides many advantages for the owner, among other design houses according to taste and quality selection of materials that can be controlled.

Importance of the use of cement when building house

Unfortunately, until now there are many who make mistakes housing construction.

One of the fundamental mistakes are still common is the use of cement and its application.

Cement is an essential material in the manufacturing process of the building and consists of several types for each different function.

One application of the cement often occur in the process of making the walls. Not a few people who use regular cement used to glue the brick wall is also to make the process of plaster and polish.

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In fact, the use of these types of cement to plaster and polishing process can degrade the quality of the building walls.

The process should use a plaster and polished cement that is made specifically, as the main Mortar MU-200 SkimWall.

In addition to the basic ingredients of cement, the latest product from the main Mortar also contain additives that have been completely mixed.

One of the essential additives contained in the product MU-200 SkimWall is water retention.

These substances can hold water in the cement mixture that does not evaporate too quickly so as to facilitate their application process and also avoid cracks in the walls.

Another advantage of this product is the resulting wall will have a degree of porosity (tiny cavities on a surface) is low, so it will not absorb the paint material.

Low level of porosity which allows the walls painted without going through the process of plamuur advance and can save up to 33% of paint materials.

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In addition to the various advantages already mentioned above, that the use of cement MU-200 SkimWall make the walls can be painted within seven days and produces maximum color painting.

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