Importance Water Element at Home

Importance Water Element at Home. In feng shui, water element can be useful to drain cycle’s creativity in your home.

Water as a source of life can provide energy and bring prosperity to life.

Because of the element of water can help maintain balance in your home.

In a book titled Mind, Body, and Home: Transform Your Life One Room at a Time (2013), written by a consultant feng shui in the United States, Tisha Morris explained how the parts at home can affect the physical, mental and emotional inhabitants.

Importance Water Element at Home

In the chapter describes Outdoor Spaces: How We Relate to Others he explained about the pool which has a water element is very strong.

The swimming pool is natural, are containers filled with water that is used for the purpose of relaxation and recreation.

If used and cared for, the pool will provide additional energy that is positive for the occupants of the house. Morris clearly.

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However, if the pool in your home neglected or untreated, it can drain energy from the occupants of the house.

For a house that was adjacent to the river, lake or sea, adding a pool at home is not good, because the water element will become redundant and disrupt the balance.

If the surrounding environment humidity level is high enough, it is not advisable to create the pool.

But if you live in a fairly hot and arid, the water element will balance out the fire element contained in the heat of the sun. Morris clearly.

For those of you who do not have a swimming pool and fish pond can still bring the element of water element in your home.

For example, by putting an aquarium.

To represent, glass and mirrors through the reflective surface can increase the flow of water so that the elements can change and improve the flow of energy in the room.

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You can also add artwork featuring elements of water (sea, lake, and river).

Color can also help balance the feng shui in your home. There pounds of colors that can represent the water element is blue, dark green, black, and white.

Not only in house paint, but it can also be applied to accessories such as pillows, rugs, curtains, blankets, bedding and more.

Elements of water brought this color can enhance a sense of calm, reflection, and peace in space.

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