Important Elements to Consider When Arranging Flowers

Important Elements to Consider When Arranging Flowers. Flower arranging is a difficult task for some people. Even so, with a little effort you can get the circuit better. It never hurts to try, right? Besides the flower arrangements can decorate the interior of the house and at the same time be a fun hobby.

Important Elements to Consider When Arranging Flowers

Few tips from the following about this can be done to design a circuit pretty. Here are some important elements to consider when arranging flowers.


Balance in flower arrangement does not necessarily mean to be symmetric. Whatever the shape or structure will not be a problem. However, you should check to see the entire series from different angles or angle, front, back, top, and side circuit. If any part or side that look untidy or out of the flower arrangement, done by adding or subtracting arrangement of flowers and foliage.


If the house has only one color, the room can seem boring. So even with a flower arrangement. Combining light and dark colored flowers will make the series more interesting. For example, when using a burgundy flowers that can be seen dark with lighting effects, paired with white flowers, pink, or peach so that there is contrast and not “disappear” in the dark.

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Focal Point

Flower arrangements consisting of various types typically will present a focal point. Such as, a large flower among others, brightly colored flowers, or a collection of flowers that can attract people’s attention. It could also be, flowers are more expensive than the other flowers in the circuit. An orchid or peony, for example, could be a focal point in between the flowers are small.


One type of flowers in a large circuit will certainly look very pretty. However, try to add something else because of the diversity can create excitement in view of flower arrangements. If you are only interested in using one type of flower, try to add leaves or twigs to create variations.


Repetition can form a unified and improve the appearance of a series of though on a small scale. For example, some yellow flowers which spread or placement of various pink flowers in the series.


Placement is one of the most important points in a flower arrangement. Especially with a variety of types and sizes of flowers used. In addition, some are combining flowers are still in bud form and are already blooming. For such interest, place the flowers are still the tapered or closed at the top, followed by a half-open flowers that had slipped while flowers are already fully in bloom at the bottom or the center of the circuit.

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