Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom. Various ideas bedroom ceiling lighting and bedroom lighting tips, ranging from diy bedroom lighting ideas or bedroom lighting design guide will all be packed into a discussion on this topic.

Lighting is one of the important elements that need to be considered in a room, especially the master bedroom.

Therefore, proper lighting is able to create a cozy atmosphere so that you more quality time to rest.

In addition to general lighting illuminate the space charges overall, did you know that there are many types of lighting with different functions?

Some form of task lighting may be needed to support the activities in the bedroom, such as a reading lamp or decorative lights as accents forming the atmosphere of the room.

Choose a lamp with a light yellow or yellowish white color (warm white) to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Inspiration Lighting In Bedroom

Well, to save power consumption, we recommend using LED lights and are equipped with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity according to the activity that is being done.

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Here are the ideas the application of various types of lighting for your bedroom.

General lighting

It acts illuminate the room thoroughly, then general lighting is usually placed on the ceiling so that the light evenly throughout the room.

This type of lighting can be chandelier or hidden behind a suspended ceiling (indirect lighting), and the colors used were usually white in order to light more clearly.

Adjustable lamp

This type of lighting needed for specific activities such as reading, changing clothes or dress.

Therefore, use a brighter light with a color rendering (color rendering) is high such as halogen, so the lighting is more clear and focused.

This type of lighting is usually located on the bedside table beside the bed and dresser.

Accent lighting

To illuminate artwork such as a painting, you can use accent lighting such as spotlight or down light.

Use halogen lights to display more colors perfectly.

In addition serves to illuminate an object, accent lighting is also useful as forming atmosphere.

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Choose colored neon lights like blue or pink and then hide under the bed or behind the headboard of the bed.

You can also install multiple points light with lower light intensity at the ceiling.

Fluorescent light creates a dramatic impression was wonderful, especially when the main light (general lighting) is switched off.

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