Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor. You like listening to music or playing a musical instrument? Music has been widely proven to stimulate the imagination and give you peace.

What if you apply musical inspiration in interior decoration of your home? It must be very interesting! In addition to adding a gorgeous interior, after a day of activity outside the home, you can get peace by seeing a visual representation of the music.

Here ornament music that you can make furniture to decorate the room without leaving the functional side.

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Inspiration Music in Home Decor

Desks, Shelves and Lampshade of Drum

Small drum can be used as shelves in the children’s room.

You need a bracket, screws and drill bits to buffer the drum so that it sits on the wall.

Put the books your children reading books on it, or you can also put the little doll playmate.

In addition to being a shelf on the wall, the drum can also be used as a desk.

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Drum can place it beside your bed to put a light sleeper. In addition to the rooms, can be located in the living room.

When entertain your guests with coffee or tea in the afternoon would be more attractive with the presence of the drum is in the midst of conversation.

Drum wood shades, perfect for you who are happy with the concept of vintage.

Drum can also be used as a lampshade.

Coffee Table and Rack of Vinyl

LPs are not only functions as a music player.

You can add usefulness becomes a coffee table and a magazine rack.

To be used as a shelf, vinyl needs to be processed in a temperature of 225 degrees in order to bend.

Prepare some vinyl, paste it on the wall, and set the distance of each other.

You have a guitar that is unused? Do not always thrown away, this guitar could be a decorative ornament in your house.

Attach the surface of the guitar with tile pieces, buttons, beads, or whatever is in your mind.

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The art work is awesome you made the results can be displayed in the living room.

This beautiful guitar is ready to be aligned with a mirror on the wall, or a beautiful painting that you have.

The room is sure to be full of energy!

Music Print on Wall

Sleeping with the music of course is common, what if equipped with an array of musical notes of interest near your bed? Search for your favorite song sheet, wall art on the walls make the background (background) beds.

This interesting idea made one by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, a home furnishing company based in North Carolina, United States.

They make it in acrylic box frame and sold for $ 1,695.

The beauty of musical notes in the score can also be applied on a dressing table, or table.

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