Keeping Floor Tiles always fixed shiny

Keeping Floor Tiles always fixed shiny. The best way to take care of the floor tiles for your home. Maybe there are some many ways to take care of the floor tiles, example, how to care the tiles with vinegar, how to care floor tiles with baking soda, how to care for the natural floor tiles. But on this discussion, we will discuss on one of them.

Type of floor tiles bring the feel of the past were very strong. This floor is very common in old houses. However, do not think the floor using a mixture of cement and sand that had lost its luster.

Design trend that began many re-applying the vintage style is one of the reasons this type of floor will always have fans.

Keeping Floor Tiles always fixed shiny

Keeping Floor Tiles always fixed shiny

Floor tiles actually not inferior to other types of flooring.

Distinctive colors and patterns, the price is quite cheap, easy maintenance, and a cold surface, are some of the advantages of this type of floor.

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But, of course, floor tiles also have specific problems and circumstances that must be considered.

For example, the floor tiles are very sensitive to acid or vinegar.

This is because if the affected and not immediately cleaned up, it will imprint liquid and dissolve the tile colors.

Therefore, be careful in using this type of cleaner for floors.

Second, the main problem in using tiles is zoom that turns opaque, dull, or not shiny anymore after a long use.

How to quickly resolve this issue is certainly to refine the floor tiles. However, if not, there is a natural step that can be taken.

With what? Coconut pulp is the answer.

Time grated coconut water coconut milk that has been taken is effective to restore the luster and beautify the floor tile.

Previously, mop the floor with plain water and rub it dry coconut pulp, the remaining oil in the pulp that gives sheen.

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After rubbing, set aside some time and then wipe.

In order for the maximum, rub the back floor using a cloth soaked with diesel.

Finally, clean the floor with a dry cloth back.

Repeat this process, example every two weeks in order to gloss floor tiles can withstand.

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