Kitchen Design with Combination Paint Color Highlighter

Kitchen Design with Combination Paint Color Highlighter. As we all know, that the concept of residential minimalist design often emphasizes simplicity, practicality, and balance. So, do not be surprised, if the interior designer home which recommend the use of neutral colors, such as brown, beige, or white, especially for a minimalist kitchen design. Because the available space is also very small. If you use strong colors, such as black or dark blue, then the impression is created to be very gloomy and stuffy.

Kitchen Design with Combination Paint Color Highlighter

Kitchen Design with Combination Paint Color Highlighter

Kitchen Design with Combination Paint Color Highlighter

The idea of minimalist kitchen design unique and beautiful with color highlighter

However, is it true you should always use soft colors such? The answer is very simple, which is not necessarily. Because the kitchen is another area where your day begins. Therefore, the kitchen should be designed with a minimalist kitchen design is right, but can still exude the spirit and energy. One of the ways that you can use is to apply highlighter colors or better known as neon colors.

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One characteristic of the neon colors are bright shiny colors. Basic colors are used vary widely, such as light blue to be exudes a calm, as calm a sea of ​​Blue, green colors to emit natural shades, orange colors can radiate creativity, or red color that exudes passion.

Nevertheless, the election minimalist kitchen design with colorful highlighter this should be done carefully, so as not to damage your themed residential concept minimalist, and does not make the kitchen seem gloomy, even mysterious.

Tips in choosing the color of highlighter to minimalist kitchen design

Never use a highlighter to the overall color of your kitchen. For example, just when you want to use in the kitchen set with neon colors, it is better to use bright colors paint the wall section and vice versa.

Moreover, combine neon colors with color balancing or neutralizing. The main election is beige and white. In addition, avoid in combining more than two fluorescent colors, so as not to create the impression of a collision.

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You’ll want to wear a specific theme for your kitchen. For example, by combining the color of sand with a blue highlighter, which will produce a marine theme, alloy beige color with white produces citrus theme, as well as alloy green color with shades of brown sand will produce a natural theme, and so on.

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