Know the types of bed design

Know the types of bed design. A variety of styles and types of bed easily found in the interior of the store that sells the device bedrooms. ranging from the type of single, double, up to a twin bed. style bed was already so evolved and modified based on the needs. a variety of styles in addition to their standard size we have encountered everywhere. want to know some types of beds are there?

Know the types of bed design

Standard size single bed with headboard models that blend with the board mattress pads.

foot bed that supports the entire structure being designed to be more balanced and comfortable. size mattress adapted to the length and width of mat board. mat does not cover the entire mat board and are usually left over a distance of about 6 cm on the right and left side of the bed, as well as about 10 cm at the foot of the bed.

Modern beds which further highlight the practical and efficient.

for highlighting the practical and efficient, the bed of this type is equipped with side table drawers that are attached to the bed frame. handy bedside table to put a table lamp for reading and storing trinkets that bedroom always looks neat and clean.

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The model of permanent-sized double bed 160 x 200 cm are using concrete and cement and blend with the floor.

technical, elevated and ground floor rooms plus steps as mattress pads. side table is also made permanent. to sweeten, headboard wear decorative art that can be opened tide. bed models requires clear boundaries of space between the bed and the room the room. then designed a column at the foot of the bed so that the user can feel the privacy and limit activity in the bedroom.

Bed day bed models.

the perfect type is placed at an angle in the room. only used for sleeping, bed day bed models can be used to gather container family, relax, watch television, or just a place to read. this model is multi-functional and efficient in the placement space. if you want to look beautiful and stylish, design the few shelves above the day bed to put accessories, books, or other trinkets. for complete comfort and user space, in addition to day bed, put a storage area (storage) low and closed along the wall that can serve also as an extra table.

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