Knowing the Different Types Roster House

Knowing the Different Types Roster House. Along with the many people apply the concept go green, various alternatives have been undertaken in order to house more energy efficient. The use of lights, air conditioning, and in general, electricity, as much as possible reduced. One way that could support the idea is to use a roster. Roster used as a vent to create good air circulation.

Of course, the roster can make the cool air increases so that the use of the air conditioner can be minimized. In the process, the roster is also used as partitions, walls, and secondary skin. Do not think the view would be the same roster and a so-so alone. Because this object, it has many forms and patterns that can beautify the interior and exterior of the house.

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Roster is available in several types of materials so that any concept and style of the house can be adjusted. Is not it interesting, the house can save energy and look beautiful at the same time. Any type of roster that can be selected? Here are four of them are very familiar.

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Roster brick

Grayed, this roster is often considered to have the look that is so appealing. Even so, the price adobe rosters tend to be cheap and powerful enough. Moreover, when it can design it properly, can give the impression of roster unfinished brick building.

Roster tile

Roster tile comes from clay and because the material that this roster has another name roster clay. It will look something like a brick with a red-brown color. Natural impression was very strong when using this type, but unfortunately roster clay is not too strong when compared with brick roster.

Ceramic Roster

Ceramics can be designed into the roster. This type of even a roster with the most expensive among the other roster. This is in accordance with the number of patterns, motifs, and colors can be selected to be applied in a variety of concepts and style of the house.

Roster Wood

As the name suggests, this roster has a wood carving motifs which can give the impression of natural as well traditional. The price is slightly cheaper when compared to ceramic roster. You can apply at the top of the door or window so the better air circulation.

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