Luminous room with Glass Block

Luminous room with Glass Block. One way to bring natural light into the house is to use glass block. Ever heard? If the name was not too familiar, form must be easily recognized.

As the name suggests, this object made of thick glass and square-shaped plots.

Glass blocks many mounted on the wall of the house, whether in the bathroom, family room, or a house facade.

Because it comes from glass, natural light from the outside or the lights can be forwarded to the inside.

It was also one of the functions of glass block, besides whom for room divider and indirectly as a wall.

Although the zoom is clear, this thing is not transparent so that the privacy of the owner of the house can be maintained.

Therefore also, glass block can be installed on any area of the house.

Luminous room with Glass Block

If you fear that his presence would spoil the look of the house, on the contrary, glass block can support the display of interior and exterior.

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Moreover, the current glass block on the market is already decorated with various motifs and patterns.

These objects are also quite strong and not easily broken or cracked.

The installation does not require a complicated system or media.

The process is actually not much different when installing the bricks, using an adhesive, and may be performed concurrently with the manufacture of wall.

As for treatment, glass block adequately cleaned with a damp cloth that has been given soap. To the grout, can be cleaned with abrasive cleaners and then remove the liquid on the surface of glass block with a squeegee.

How? Natural light penetrates the house, save electricity, or beautify the facade and interior of the house, all of them can be obtained with glass blocks, small objects that are simple and functional.

Happy designing!

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