Method Change Display Headboard

Method Change Display Headboard. Want to change the look of the bedroom? When confusion must start from where, try to change the look of the headboard. Although only as the head of the bed, that section may provide a different impression on the overall look. Different impression will make the room feel new, relieve boredom, as well as refreshing the view. When you do not have a headboard, please take advantage of the wall behind the bed. How that can be used also varied and with different materials. Do not believe? Some of the ideas below are examples.

Method Change Display Headboard

Cat Wall Differently as Substitute Headboard

Not all the beds have a headboard. However, it is not a problem because you can make them yourself. One of them with paint. Paint the walls differently does not mean merely to distinguish between the overall wall color and the color of the wall behind the bed. However, it can also mean to paint the walls with a particular image. Not necessarily with the technique, the most important desired image can be obtained. The walls can be decorated with a picture of the head of the bed to create a whole illusion of a headboard. If not, try to paint the wall directly behind the bed using different paint and then paint up to the ceiling. The colors can accentuate the presence of the bed and remove the impression of monotony on the wall.

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Using Other Materials for Headboard

If the paint is too difficult, try using other materials as a headboard. Using unusual materials to make the bedroom look unique. Material like what? Many materials or materials that can be tried. For example, zinc, pieces of wood beams, or a tree trunk. Very unusual indeed, but that does not mean things can not be designed as a headboard. With creativity, a variety of these materials can be useful materials in the bedroom.

Picture or painting as Headboard

Paintings, drawings, or artwork has been frequently used as a garnish, is not it? Why not use it as a headboard anyway? Place a large enough work behind the bed, it is better if it could be on the ceiling so as to give the impression of a high ceiling. Create an image or the work look more attractive with indirect lighting. The overall appearance could certainly improve the interior of the bedroom.

Wall’s Padded Headboard

Padded wall can be written on the wall not only to beautify the area, but also be used as a headboard. Soft texture that would be safe for the head while sleeping, shapes and colors can make the room look different views. Padded wall can also be made alone, By doing so, change the look of the headboard will be easier and cheaper.

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