Method Choose the Right Color for Interior House

Method Choose the Right Color for Interior House. Choosing the right colors for the interior of your house is actually not a difficult case. Designers Mark McCauley, author of Color Therapy at Home –  Real Life Solutions for Adding Color to Your Life, described some suggestions that will help you in finding a color preference for the interior of your home.

Method Choose the Right Color for Interior House

Method Choose the Right Color for Interior House

Decorating Colors of Darkness into the Light Vertically

According to McCauley to make room in your home with colors attractive but does not pose much of a risk is to apply dark colors for floors, walls and medium to light color for the ceiling. Interior replicate outside world. Under our feet, the Earth has a darker color than the colors in front, like a tree, and the brighter colors in the sky.

Adjust the Color Your Clothes

Everyone generally buy clothes color which when used will give you the best view. Similarly, the interior color of the house, choose one that makes you feel your home is in the best look. If you never wear yellow, do not ever buy a sofa in yellow, you certainly will not feel comfortable. McCauley said.

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Use the 60:30:10 rule

When decorating a room, do not forget the 60% component of the dominant color, 30% for secondary color, and 10% for color accents. McCauley added. The wall will be part of the most widely, the color of the furniture will be the secondary, and accessories such as sofa cushions, ornaments and more are the rest, it is to balance the proportion of the colors in the room.

Decorating honestly in terms tailored to your identity will make people look more appreciated. So, if you want to make your home a predominantly red, blue, or green, just do it. The colors it will still be interesting as far as that is indeed the color of your personal taste.

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