Mezzanine design in a child’s bedroom

Mezzanine design in a child’s bedroom. One of the most powerful ways to maximize the function of a space that has a limited area is to build a mezzanine floor.

The presence of these additional floor can be processed into a variety of functions, such as sleeping areas, a play area, a study area to become a mini library.

Whatever its function, ensure high ceilings and a mezzanine area and the area is sufficient to accommodate the activity of the child.

Mezzanine design in a child's bedroom

Design of a child’s bedroom on a mezzanine equipped apartment unit following example might inspire you.

The designers create a closed storage system such as drawers under the bed.

In addition, the space under the stairs leading to a mezzanine used as a display area for storing books child.

Mezzanine in a child’s bedroom is there to add a function space in the form of children’s play area.

The warm atmosphere in the room was built by the dominant color of soothing earth tone like brown, white and beige emerging through white oak veneer finishing material that dominates almost all elements of the interior.

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Then warm impression reinforced by the application of warm white color on the color lights installed behind the ceiling (indirect lighting), so that the bias light creates a warm atmosphere that is soothing.

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