Prefer where, minimalist style house or tropical?

Minimalist style house or tropical. Two building style is indeed quite the opposite. Minimalist style was originally a movement or movement in Europe who want a simpler idea in the design, so that arose style minimalist building.

While as the name suggests, is a tropical style building design models that will better respond to the tropical climate and the natural elements around it.

minimalist style house

Building Forms

Overall minimalist style building looks more simple, geometric shapes, and the dominance of white color or monochrome.

Minimalist building is eye catchy and looks clean, but the house with this form seemed cold and less dynamic.

Meanwhile, memorable tropical home more friendly and responsive to the environment, especially for us who are living in a country with a climate like this.

However, tropical style house attached to the gloomy impression because generally dominated earthy colors.

Atmosphere Interior

Space in the minimalist style is generally not much insulation or barrier wall, so it felt more spacious.

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Selection of furniture and trinkets for this type of housing would also have matching (which is simple and light) in order to see minimalist maintained.

Meanwhile, if you choose a tropical house, the atmosphere of the interior generally feels more homey and dynamic.

In the selection of furniture was freer and freer to choose the shape and color.

Material selection

Minimalist building is dominated by modern materials such as glass, steel and concrete, so that the shape and appearance of the house became simpler but firm.

While tropical building more use of natural materials such as brick, wood, until other natural stones.

Minimalist buildings generally box-shaped course, with the shape of a flat roof. While tropical house identical to the towering triangular roof.

Building Maintenance

Overall, minimalist building maintenance is much less, because of the use of modern materials are generally more durable.

All-glass wall is much easier to clean than a regular wall. While tropical-style building is more need extra care, especially the parts that use natural materials such as natural stone and wood.

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Both of these materials is rapidly changed when directly exposed to water or sunlight.

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