Mistakes renovated apartments – a woman from Shenyang, China

Mistakes renovated apartments. Misfortune experienced by a woman from Shenyang, China. His happiness has a new apartment destroyed. The apartments are so beautifully redecorated with expenses that are not a bit of it turned out to belong to someone else.

Women are simply referred to as Yang’s identity has spent 300 thousand yuan to renovate his new residence. However, lately, he had been told that he redecorate the wrong apartment.

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The story begins in April, when he received the keys of the apartment number 131 in Tairongwan. Before you start renovating, he has repeatedly asked for assurance from the manager of the property.

“At that time, my apartment number was 131, according to the paper my work,” said Yang.
However, according to Yang, management changed the numbering of buildings in May, by counting the garage as the first floor. When Yang asked the matter to management, he got the answer that her apartment was not affected by the change.

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To the astonishment of the owner of apartment number 141 named Xu shine when he found his apartment last July. “I think my family to decorate it as a surprise,” he said.

As for the property management did not want to be blamed. “It was a fault of the developer. We just follow the procedure,” said Liu, vice management. Until this news was revealed, it is unclear how the fate of Yang and his apartment.

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